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My name is Eva Kramer


Welcome you on my art statement page.

My passion over the art since my childhood. My imagination always been colourful therefore my inspiration is inner and outer inspiration like, a beautiful view, people, travel, news.

 I started painting again in 2019.

When i moved next to the sea my passion for the sea awoke. I resonate with the sea’s Storm, swells, and stillness, which my life experienced. 

My work often revolves around the theme of water, water shape and featured the vibrant colours. 

I create seascape, abstract, modern art (Abstract-expressionism, Abstract-impressionism).

I draw inspiration from both my inner world and the external surroundings and striven to create aesthetically pleasing and through provocative pieces. 

With my painting applied traditional brush technique, palette knife with oil, and acrylic paint but i use fluid techniques.

Especially I use mixed media of Pebeo like glass and ceramic paint and create colourful abstracts.

My work has been featured in Luxemburg Art Prize in 2021 and awarded certificate of artistic merit.

16th August,2023 I won Lord Mayor’s Prize in Portsmouth, PHAS Summer exhibition. 

91/12/2023 I began studying at Milan Art Institute but have not completed my program yet.

I acquired my knowledge of artistic techniques. My artistic style has evolved, becoming more expressive and reflective of my imagination.

I am currently channeling my creative focus into painting and continuing my studies.

Thank you for your interest.



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Eva Kramer
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