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Personal Profile

Eva Kramer Fine Artist

Eva Kramer was born in Budapest 1970 and then moved to the countryside with her family. She began painting as a means of dealing with family tragedy and trauma. Spurred on by winning many art competitions and prizes, she moved to Budapest alone in 1986 to pursue her vision of becoming an artist. This began with Street painting and accepted orders from stores and engaging with the public which was hard but also fuelled her fascination of experiencing how other people see the world. 


She moved to Portsmouth, UK in 2015 and this is where her passion for the sea awoke. The adoration for the sea and ships in this famous dock and marine area instinctively aligned with her vibrant and strong spirit. Eva resonates with the sea’s storms, swells and stillness which her life has experienced.


In addition to the prizes awarded in Hungary, she has won a Luxembourg art prize and awarded certificate of artistic merit. 

16/08/2023 won Lord Mayor's Prize in Portsmouth Summer Exhibition.

01/12/2023 started a study at Milan Art Institute.


Certificate of Artistic Achievement
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