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Eva Kramer

Welcome to my journey. 

Dear Friend.

I am delighted to welcome you to my online sanctuary.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"-Pablo Picasso.

As you explore my world of art, I want to share with you the story of my journey, one that has been shaped by passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of a profound mission.

My name is Eva Kramer. Born 1970 in Budapest. 

My childhood (1975-1985) spends on the village with family. I have had a passion for art all my life, which showed itself in my childhood, but my family background had impact on my art career.

1983 as a child I received prizes in a Country art competition for my innate talent.

1985 I left my family, and I took in my own hand my destiny.

I always had strengths the knowledge desire.

1989-1993 Vocational school- Bookkeeping.

My life focused on my own family and more when 2009 I left alone with my three children.

My passion of art never subsidies and I tried to exploit all possibility.

I interested and attracted the psychology as well, mythology and the spirituality. 

2010-2012 Spiritual Psychotherapist, Numerologist, chronobiology

My single mum rule was very tied, and I had to manoeuvre between the living and parenting, because I had not any help to me.

I started painting on walls (shops in and outside, kids’ room) and I learned work with airbrush technic. I painted 12 restaurant tablets, on car, an o’clock. 

My references on Instagram page: evakramer_fineart.

All I did next to my job but unfortunately, I had to left again because I couldn’t fit in my life.


Painted restaurant table
Airbrush painted o'clock surface
Painted restaurant table
Painted restaurant table
Shop sign
Shop sign
Car surface
Shop inside wall
Shop outside wall
Living room wall
Kids room wall
Kids room wall
Kids room wall
Shop outside wall
Kids room wall
2010. Train station Wall painting
Leopard. 2012. wall paint on canvas
Kids room wall
Kids room wall
Kids room wall

After my long, tough life like single mum in rent property struggled with living, 2015 fateful change happened in my life. I moved in England with my youngest son.
2019 I started painting again. I took off a printed photo canvas from the wall and I started painting with used acrylic paint what is someone left to me. inspired my holiday in Cornwall with my kids.

My first painting on canvas in UK 2019 from Cornwall Bay
My second painting in UK 2020, acrylic on canvas. Title: Orient

I started sell my paintings.
I learned via videos, read in books and internet as well. 
I dropped my NFT on the OpenSea account.
I joined to VAA member, I started build my social media pages and I launched my own website.
2023 from June I appeal on Bournemouth Art Market.
Some of my artwork been exhibited in Portsmouth Cathedral, and I won the Lord Mayor's Prize what is gave me more motivations.
I believe that a successful life in art is rooted in understanding what is truly matters to us individually, rather than conforming to external expectations.
Currently I am studying at Milan Art Institute and focusing is on my painting. When it comes to my studio work, the end of the  world around me and start connection my soul.
If these resonate with your own journey, I believe you will a profound connection with my artwork.
I hope you'll join me on this journey, becoming a part of the tapestry of my artistic expression.

With heartfelt sincerity

Eva Kramer

Lighthouse. Acrylic on canvas
Viking Warriors. Oil on canvas board. SOLD
Ballerina. Acrylic on canvas. SOLD
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